The Future of Health Care

One does not need to be a psychic to predict the future of health care. Our current state of health has reached an epidemic level in our nation. Even though we have one of the most advanced health care systems we also have a lot of critical health issues. It is clear that what we are currently doing is not working. Something needs to change and it is no wonder why people are turning to alternative health care. To see where the future of health care is going you only need to look at the most recent trends.

Some trends come and go but others grow and keep growing to the point where they become the norm. One of those trends is the organic food movement which is growing so strong that Target has just vowed to increase their organic food selection. On the other side you have Chipotle swearing off GMO’s and their profits rising. It is easy to see that this growth is more than just a trend and why this is so. There was once upon a time when organic food was just called food. As things tend to come around full circle we have reverted back to nature, back from which we came.

Along with eating more natural foods as a way to prevent illness people are now turning towards natural ways of healing when it comes to treating health issues. A growing number of people are now looking towards chiropractic care to help treat and overcome medical conditions. In some cases you can find a chiropractic practice that helps with the prevention as well as the treatment of medical conditions using the 5 essentials. The belief that when you put your body in the right environment it has the ability to heal itself is a growing one and is a cornerstone of chiropractic care.

When looking at the current health epidemic in our nation it is no wonder people are looking for alternative solutions. In order to fight for a future where our state of health is better than the state we currently find it in we must continue to look for better ways to approach the health care in our nation. It is important for the individual to make a shift in the way of thinking about health care if we plan on making any change. The growing trends discussed seem to be gaining momentum and as people start seeing better health because of them you can bet that they will continue to grow and become the norm.


Do Psychics Exist?

magic-8-ballMy mom said a psychic predicted my existence before I was born.

She went to visit one in her home country. The woman told her she’d have three kids. After she had my brother and sister, she thought she was done. She told herself that psychic must have been wrong.

14.5 years later, I was born.

Crazy, huh? It makes me wonder if true psychics really exist.

I’ve always dismissed the idea of psychics as a dumb theory. Why would God give some people on earth the ability to see the future? And then I realize that maybe he wouldn’t. And maybe he didn’t. Perhaps psychic ability is the enemy’s gift to certain members of his flock. Perhaps it’s another one of his methods of deception.

Populating the earth with people who can see the future confuses even those who are grounded in the truth sometimes.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying everyone who claims to be able to see the future must be Satan’s spawn. There were prophets in biblical times who predicted the very events we’re watching unfold before our eyes today. They predicted the future, and as it turns out, they were right (though many believe the contrary.)

But I’m not talking about modern-day prophets. I’m talking about those “psychics” who exploit their “gift” for money. Who will sit in a tent and read your palm in exchange for gold and silver, and who say they’re doing it in the name of Jesus, even if they aren’t.

Do real psychics exist? Well, I wouldn’t call them psychics. I’d call them prophets. Today’s prophets don’t make the same sorts of detailed predictions that John made when he wrote the book of Revelation. I believe today’s prophets have keen intuitions and intelligent minds that are aware and able to think critically. Today’s prophets don’t see the future in black and white. They see it as a rainbow of constantly evolving colors.

I’d venture to call myself a modern-day prophet. As someone who walks in the presence of the Holy Spirit on a daily basis, who talks to him and hears from him — even though it often translates like a game of telephone — I am able to predict the future.

No, I’m not always right. But at least I’m thinking.